Signora Vita

Hayat Hanım (Lady Life), a novel written by Ahmet Altan while in prison, made its world debut in Italy as Signora Vita, translated by Nicola Verderame and published by Edizioni e/o.

Už nikdy neuvidím svet

Ahmet Altan's debut in Slovakia is this translation of his prison memoir by Ladislav Bodík. Published by Inaque in Spring 2021.

Kjærlighet i opprørets tid

"Love in the Days of Rebellion," Volume II of the Ottoman Quartet, was published on May 14, 2021, by Gyldendal in Norwegian. Translated by Gunvald Andreas Ims.

Nu voi mai vedea lumea niciodată

Ahmet Altan's book of essays from the prison was published in Romanian in September 2020 by Anansi.


"I Will Never See The World Again" came out in Greek in early 2020. The publisher is ΔΙΟΠΤΡΑ.

I Will Never See The World Again

"I Will Never See The World: The Memoir of an Imprisoned Writer" was published by the Other Press in the U.S. with an initial print run of 40.000 copies in October 2019.

Je ne reverrai plus le monde

Actes Sud, the French publisher of Altan's novels, brought the essay book out in French with the subtitle "Textes de prison" in September 2019. Translated by Julien Lapeyre de Cabanes.

Jeg kommer aldrig til at se verden igen

Ahmet Altan's essay book "I Will Never See The World Again" was published by Forlaget Underskoven in Danish on 20 June 2019, marking Altan's debut in this Nordic language.

Amore nei giorni della rivolta

The second volume of Ahmet Altan's "Ottoman Quartet" was published in Italy by Edizioni e/o on 8 May 2019. Translated from the Turkish by Barbara La Rose Salim.

Ik zal de wereld nooit meer zien

Published on 2 May 2019 by Bezige Bij, this edition of Ahmet Altan's essays were translated to Dutch by Hamide Dogan and bears the subtitle: "Aantekeningen uit de gevangenis."

I Will Never See The World Again

Published by Granta in the U.K. with a foreword by Philippe Sands, "I Will Never See The World Again" was translated from the Turkish by Yasemin Çongar.

Eg får aldri sjå verda igjen

Ahmet Altan's prison memoir was published in January 2019 by Samlaget in Norway. The book was translated from the original Turkish to Nynorsk (new Norwegian) by Gunvald Axner.

Non rivedrò più il mondo

Ahmet Altan's book of essays from prison "I Will Never See the World Again" was published in Italian by Solferino in October 2018. Translated by Alberto Cristofori.

Ich werde die Welt nie wiedersehen

Ahmet Altan's new book of essays was released in Germany by S. Fischer Verlage on 28 September 2018 with the subtitle "Texts from the Prison." 5500 copies were printed in two editions.

Like a Swordwound

The first English edition of "Kılıç Yarası Gibi" was released on 9 October 2018 in the U.S. by Europa Editions. Translated from the Turkish by Brendan Freely and Yelda Türedi.

Nunca volveré a ver el mundo

Ahmet Altan's book of essays written in prison was released on 20 September 2018 by Debate in Spain. This book is Altan's debut in Spanish.

Come la ferita di una spada

Ahmet Altan's ''Kılıç Yarası Gibi'' was re-published in Italian in June 2018 as the first volume of the Ottoman Quartet by Edizioni e/o.

Tre manifesti per la libertà

In Spring 2018, Altan's three defense statements and a letter signed by 51 Nobel laureates calling for Altan's freedom was published in Italy by Edizioni e/o under the title ''Three Manifestos for Liberty.''

Wie ein Schwertstreich

The first volume of Altan's Ottoman Quartet was re-published in Germany in March 2018 by S. Fischer Verlage, this time with a translation that remains loyal to the original title ''Kılıç Yarası Gibi.''

L’Amour au temps des révoltes

Actes Sud re-published the second volume of the Ottoman Quartet, 'L'Amour au temps des révoltes' (Love in the Days of Rebellion) in Spring 2018.

Comme une blessure de sabre

In Spring 2018, upon Ahmet Altan's sentencing to life without parole Actes Sud re-published Like a Swordwound announcing the verdict against the author on the cover.

Ritratto dell’atto di accusa come pornografia giudiziaria

Altan's defense statement was published by Edizioni e/o in Italy in Fall 2017 and distributed as a supplement of the magazine Internazionale.

A Portrait of the Indictment as Judicial Porn

In June 2017, 9 months into his incarceration, Altan addressed the court for the first time. His statement was published in Turkish and English by P24 for free distribution only.


Altan's debut in the U.S., Endgame was published in April 2017 by Europa editions. Cover includes comment by DBC Pierre: ''If Steinbeck had written The Godfather it might have read like this.''

Yabani Manolyalar

Published by Everest in January 2017, Yabani Manolyalar (Wild Magnolias) is Ahmet Altan's seventh collection of essays in Turkish.

Scrittore e assassino

Scrittore e assassino (Writer and Murderer) is the Italian translation of Ahmet Altan's ninth novel, Endgame. Published in January 2017 by Edizioni e/o.


Originally published in Turkey as Son Oyun in 2013, this hardcover edition of Endgame was first published in Canada in 2016 by HarperCollins.

Bir Hayat Bir Hayata Değer

Published by Everest in June 2016, Bir Hayat Bir Hayata Değer (Each Life Touches Another) takes its title from Turgenev's Fathers and Sons.


Endgame, Altan's first novel to appear in English, was first published in the UK in 2015 by Canongate. Translated by Alexander Dawe.

Край на играта

The Bulgarian edition of Ahmet Altan's Son Oyun (Endgame) was published by Сиела in Sofia in April 2013 with the title Край на играта (The End of the Game).

Ölmek Kolaydır Sevmekten

Paying homage to Louis Aragon with its title, "Ölmek Kolaydır Sevmekten" (Dying is Easier Than Loving) is Altan's tenth novel and the third volume in his Ottoman Quartet. Published in 2015.

Ατέλειωτη Νύχτα

Ahmet Altan's eighth novel En Uzun Gece (The Longest Night), which sold over a million copies in Turkey, was published in November 2015 in Greece by Psichogios.

Το τελευταίο Παιχνίδι

Son Oyun (Endgame) came out in Greek in 2014, one year after its debut in Turkish. Published by Psichogios.

Son Oyun

The publication of Son Oyun (Endgame) in 2013 by Everest marked Ahmet Altan's return to publishing novels after a hiatus of five years during which he edited a newspaper and wrote political columns only.


Altan's Like A Sword Wound came out in Bulgarian in 2011 with the title КАТО РАНА ОТ МЕЧ (Like mourning). Published by ИК ПАМЕТ. Translated by Panayotka Panayotova.

l’Amour au temps des révoltes

The French edition of Ahmet Altan's İsyan Günlerinde Aşk (Love in the Days of Rebellion), l'Amour au temps des révoltes was published by Actes Sud in June 2008.

L’Amore è come la ferita di una spada

Published in May 2008 by Bompiani, this is the Italian edition of Ahmet Altan's Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like A Sword Wound), the first volume of his Ottoman Quartet.

Den lengste natten

En Uzun Gece (The Longest Night) was published in Norwegian by Gyldendal in 2008. Translated by Joakim Parslow.

En Uzun Gece

En Uzun Gece (The Longest Night), shown here with the cover of its first edition in September 2005, later went into multiple printings and sold over one million copies in Turkey.

위험한 동화

Tehlikeli Masallar (Dangerous Tales) by Ahmet Altan was published in Korea in June 2004 with the title 위험한 동화 (A Dangerous Fairy Tale).

Der Duft des Paradieses

This second German edition of Like a Sword Wound was published by Fischer in 2004 with the title Der Duft des Paradieses (The Scent of Paradise) after its first printing in 2002 by Krüger.

감정의 모험

Ahmet Altan's Aldatmak (Cheating) was published as 감정의 모험 (An Emotional Travesty) in October 2002 in Korea where it became a best-seller.

İçimizde Bir Yer

İçimizde Bir Yer (Somewhere Inside Us) was released in 2004. Alkım, Altan's publisher at the time, printed and sold a million copies of the book -- a still unbroken record in Turkey for essay collections.

Som et sverdsår

Som et sverdsår, the Norwegian edition of Ahmet Altan's Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like a Sword Wound) was published in 2004 by Gyldendal.

Ve Kırar Göğsüne Bastırırken

Altan's fourth book of essays Ve Kırar Göğsüne Bastırırken (And he crushes it while embracing) was first published by Can in 2003. Title taken from Aragon's poem ''Il n'ya pas d'amour heureux.''


First published in 2002, Ahmet Altan's seventh novel Aldatmak (Cheating) went into over two dozen printings by Can, Alkım and Everest publishing houses respectively in Turkey.

Der Duft des Paradieses

The first German edition of ''Kılıç Yarası Gibi'' (Like a Swordwound) was published by Krüger in 2002 under the title ''Der Duft des Paradieses'' (The Scent of Paradise).

Kristal Denizaltı

First published in 2001 by Can, Kristal Denizaltı (Crystal Submarine) is Ahmet Altan's third collection of essays. The cover shown here is of the book's Alkim edition.

Του έρωτα και της αμαρτίας

Ahmet Altan's Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like a Sword Wound) was published in Greece in 2000. The title Του έρωτα και της αμαρτίας given to the Greek edition translates as ''Love and Sin.''

De Secretaris

Published in 2001 in Amsterdam by Bakker, "De Secretaris" (The Secretary) is the Dutch edition of "Kılıç Yarası Gibi" (Like a Sword Wound). Translated by Hanneke van der Heijden.

İsyan Günlerinde Aşk

The second volume in Ahmet Altan's Ottoman Quartet, İsyan Günlerinde Aşk (Love in the Days of Rebellion) was originally published by Can in 2001. Many editions from Alkım and Everest followed.

Comme une blessure de sabre

The French edition of Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like A Sword Wound) was published by Actes Sud in 2000. Translated from Turkish by Alfred Depeyrat.

Kılıç Yarası Gibi

First published in 1998, Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like a Sword Wound) is the first volume of Ahmet Altan's Ottoman Quartet. It was heralded with the Yunus Nadi Novel Prize and has been reprinted over a hundred times since.

Karanlıkta Sabah Kuşları

Published for the first time in 1997, Karanlıkta Sabah Kuşları (Morning Birds in Darkness) is Ahmet Altan's second collection of essays.

Tehlikeli Masallar

Tehlikeli Masallar (Dangerous Tales) was first published in 1996 in Turkey by Can. It is Ahmet Altan's fourth novel. It is now available from Everest.

Geceyarısı Şarkıları

Originally published in 1995, Geceyarısı Şarkıları (Midnight Songs) was Ahmet Altan's first book of essays and proved him to be a best-selling writer in non-fiction as well.

Yalnızlığın Özel Tarihi

Ahmet Altan's third novel was published in 1991. Yalnızlığın Özel Tarihi (Private History of Loneliness) is now seen as a prequel to Altan's Ottoman Quartet.

Sudaki İz

Ahmet Altan's second novel Sudaki İz (Trace on the Water) was published in 1986. An immediate best-seller, all copies of the book were seized and destroyed in its third printing on charges of obscenity.

Dört Mevsim Sonbahar

Ahmet Altan's first novel came out in 1982 and won the Akademi Bookstore Prize. Dört Mevsim Sonbahar (Four Seasons of Autumn) has been published by Miyatro, Can, Alkım, and Everest.